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70% of Data/AI leaders struggle to deliver solutions with business impact


Are you one of them?  Let us help you:

Our assessment identifies your blockers & quick-win areas 

so you can deliver solutions

with impact.

1. Take our free Assessment 
2. Get your Personalised Results with Recommendations 
3. Focus on Quick Win Recommendations to achieve Results

Be bold, build narrative, deliver ROI

Step 1:
We assess you as a Data/AI leader in  four key leadership areas:

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Step 2: 
The assessment measures your importance metric and your frustration score in each of the four areas.

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Step 3: 
We use our impact scoring system, based on our 10 years of expertise, to assess your results and provide high-impact and quick-win recommendations within 3 days.

Find an example below: A Real-life Assessment Result of a Data/AI leader, where the high impact and high frustration areas have been prioritised.

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Delivering Data/AI solutions that matter for the business can be overwhelming in many cases

Blockers between business and tech leaders, such as the lack of alignment and prioritisation result in...

 ...lack of confidence
when building the business case and budgets 
...waste of time
 chasing hype driven, low impact solutions
...drain of budgets
 with zero impact POCs

What we advise for dissolving your daily blockers:

1. Take our free assessment 

2. Get your Personalised Results with Recommendations 

3. Focus on Quick Win Recommendations to achieve Results

Identify the areas of frustration that hinder you from delivering impact, in no more than 20 minutes.

Identify the areas you should change to improve your data/AI planning and delivery effectiveness.

Start to implement quick-wins by yourself or let us help you.

Our Differentiators

Practical Delivery

We don't just advise, we deliver technical and business use cases based on our existing blueprints.

Individual Empowerment

Unlike traditional consultancies, our approach focuses on enabling Transformative Leaders to drive change personally.

In proud partnership with...

...and inspired by the methodologies of leading innovation brands



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István Boscha

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